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My husband and I are high school sweethearts, who started dating at the start of our senior year. We wed in the year 2012 just one month after both graduating from The Pennsylvania State University, at the world's most colorful venue - The Crayola Factory in Easton, PA. Just shy of our 3rd year of marriage we bought our first home and moved to the little town of Bethlehem, where we decided it was time to start our family just two months later I found out I was pregnant. I'm a mother of two having the best of both worlds with my little girl and my momma's boy, Serenity and Simon Peder, and they are the sweetest little duo! So dealing with kids is never a worry for me, I also have history as an older toddler teacher - patience is a walk in the park to me when it comes to family & children sessions.

I'm one of five girls, so I still remember when my oldest sisters got married, one month apart, and I got to be a part of watching the wedding planning process in my teens. I loved seeing everything coming together from color schemes to the table settings. Recently I just found a notebook filled with wedding plans I wrote out and sketched from the dresses to the invitations, so the entire wedding process is FUN to me! I had lots of handmade details for my wedding day, and so I see those aspects and completely capture them for you to remember all the work you put in!

Photography was never an interest to me, I dreamed of being a graphic designer and web designer. I have a Bachelor of Arts in New Media, which required an array of visual and digital art classes, photography classes were one of those available as an option. Truth be told I wasn't a fan, took the classes, aced them and thought nothing about it. That was until the end of my 2nd photography class, when we did portraits for our assignment. My eyes were opened to just how powerful photography is, and how important it is to capture people, and not just capturing people smiling but memories in a creative aspect melding my arts knowledge with photography!


I still consider myself a self-taught photographer as I didn't fully dive into all the elements that come with photography until after I graduated. I just clicked at that point and let the camera do the work with little to no editing. I started my business in the fall of 2012, I worked many jobs but only considered photography as a side gig, but none of those jobs were ever as fulfilling as photography. Eight years later, 100+ weddings photographed, lots of newborn babies, families, and children and I finally decided to make this my complete focus so that I could not only spend more time with my children, but my husband as well. 

I want to put my sole focus on serving you and giving you more in your photography experience!
Trusting me to capture your special moments means so much to me and I take it to heart.
I want you to enjoy your photography session and be as relaxed as possible!