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I know pregnancy does crazy things to your body. But embrace it! You will someday miss the moments when that wild child that's jumping off the couch and making you pull your hair out when they were all safe and snug within you! I'm so glad I even decided to do photos when pregnant with my second baby. Pregnancy is hard, and I can vouch for that, but when I think of all those moms who are just longing to be pregnant I really feel blessed to be able to have had the struggles I had.

So do your hair, makeup, and get dressed up - and you can even treat yourself and have your hair and makeup done by someone else! Take the time to remember this journey that changes you and your body. It's not easy growing a human!

I do have some maternity dresses that can be utilized for your session so ask about that if you are interested! Best done after 30 weeks and up to 36 weeks.


Ready to remember how strong and beautiful you are?