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Momma, I know you are always snapping away with that cell phone, but that leaves you out of the photo! Take a day to get dressed up, do your hair, and get in front of the camera with those sweet little ones. When's the last time you had an updated photo with your significant other? I'll grab a photo of you two as well as those kids and you all together. I also know you are feeling the weight of organizing outfits, I can help you out with that one too, and getting the kids to behave. Remember they feel your stress and anxiety! I'll help to make it enjoyable and will work to get the best memories for you! Even if you think your session was a complete disaster, your images won't show that, as I aim to deliver you images beyond the stand and smile pose. Sometimes the best photos aren't the ones where everyone is looking, embrace the moment and just keep smiling away because isn't that how motherhood is?


Ready to make magic?