Meet the photographer, Laurie Beth Ward

Hey I'm Laurie Beth
I want to know you & I want you to know me!

  • Married to my high school sweetheart

  • Mother to a little lady and sweet rainbow boy

  • I'm one of 5 girls, so big families are no problem to me!

  • If you're into the enneagram I'm a 4 - the individualist.

  • Even in the winter I'm ordering an iced coffee drink.

  • Besides being a photographer, I like to be a “home improvement hero” I’m always finding a DIY home project to spruce up our home, or moving decor around.

  • I'm a butterfly whisperer, for years, I wanted to be a lepidopterist - a butterfly scientist.


A little background in my photography knowledge, which really started as a hated medium of art. By high school I knew my profession would be in the arts. Creativity has always been a strong part of me. My mom wrote me a letter which in she said, "You always wanted markers, paints & paper."

But a camera was never an outlet of creativity I gravitated towards, in fact I hated photography. How can I sit and paint and create with my hands and someone just click a button and it's art? That was until college the end of my 2nd photo class where we did portraits, and I finally saw photography as an art, as MORE. I still desired to be a graphic designer, but the closed off mind to exploring photography was softened. So my 23 year old newlywed self decided to start a photography Facebook page, and my mom helped in scoring me my first wedding. From there it wasn't history, it was a slow and uncertain road, with lots of doubts and lack of confidence until it was SO CLEAR, that photography was fulfilling to me, and to those that I captured.

I have if not ONE of the most important jobs when it comes to memories.

So I finally evolved my business from a side gig along side a lot of jobs I thought were my dream jobs

to it becoming my full time career 8 years after the start in 2013.


I love weddings, but they are just the start of your life!

After your wedding day I love when my couples reach out to capture their newborns and then continue to capture their families as they grow! Cell phone photos are great, but what about having someone capture you and your family in the moment just loving on your babies?


What makes me different then most photographers?

I was a childcare teacher (& now a mother). I will take the time to get to know your shy child, I'll chase that wild child around, I will take the time to hear where they would like their photo taken at and even give them the opportunity to make the crazy faces! Trust me - it also helps them to be comfortable.





Number of years I have been in the photography business


Weddings I take on personally each year so I'm able to dedicate and focus on each couple, their experience with me & getting photos back as soon as possible!


Weddings photographed


My Approach
Capturing all the emotional moments

I'm a memory person in that I recall moments, names, songs and places. I always say it's a love/hate relationship, but thankful with a job as a photographer it's a love relationship! Your wedding day is beautiful however you celebrate and whoever celebrates it with you! It's a day of joy and excitement, and my job is to capture that for you to have and to hold from your day forward!

I love all the emotions that come with a wedding day be it nerves, excitement and anticipation! Being authentically yourself on your wedding day and before helps me! I'm an open book and love to be transparent in who I am. I want you to be just as comfortable with me as I can be with you!

For family sessions I'm not going to make your children stand still for

30 minutes! There is always the aim to capture that one moment of everyone looking and smiling, but my favorite moments of family sessions are snuggles, tickles and giggles! Candid moments are truly the most artist moments of family sessions.

Assist in timeline creation & family photo list

I work based off the times given for your wedding day to create a timeline to utilize my photo coverage time to the fullest. Don't stress what time I'm arriving! I will figure that out and you can approve or change if you feel necessary. Along with the timeline when you send me your family members names I will formulate a list to make what can be the most stressful time of the wedding day quick and easy! I always just ask for approval and if changes need to be made or additions as well.  My 2nd is my right hand person and will call and assemble to make sure these are done within 15-30minutes as long as everyone is present!

Always available for questions

I am never bothered by a text or email with any questions, ideas, inspiration or thoughts.

Send away, because I would love for you to over ask then not ask at all and wonder!

I do have a wedding day experience booklet that will hold lots of information & tips so make sure to check there first!


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